A Master Mobile App

There is currently no seamlessly integrated digital world / physical world app that connects like-minded people by leveraging the universal bond of sports. Fanbase is a hybrid social media / ecommerce software application that will monetize 10 of the world’s premier sporting communities. The Fanbase mobile app takes the best of Facebook, Linkedin, Match, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Amazon, eBay and Bitcoin to create a seamlessly integrated master social media and ecommerce application.

1.6 Billion Ready-Made Fans

Fanbase Inc. is a company engaged in the sports, social media, ecommerce, brand licensing and internet industries.

The Fanbase mobile app will monetize the enormous value created from digitally and physically connecting what could likely be the most deeply passionate, intensely loyal, like-minded social and business users found on earth. The ready-made global gateway of 1.6 billion sports fans initially targeted by the Fanbase mobile app represents one of the largest untapped reservoirs of users in the history of social media or ecommerce. 

10 Sports / 1,347 Teams

The Fanbase app's 10 initial sports divisions comprise 1,347 team-based social media communities diversified across millions of like-minded collegiate and professional sports fans. Each sports division taps into and leverages the world’s largest and most profitable fan bases. The Fanbase app’s 10 initial sports divisions is estimated to collectively account for over 90% of the followers (fans) and income from all sports in the US and Canada. Each of the Fanbase app's 10 initial sports divisions are expected to amass and monetize a large and loyal user base within 3 to 5 years of launch.

A Blue Ocean Opportunity

A monumental opportunity exists for a master social media platform dedicated to immersively connecting people through the universal bond of sports. Imagine the power gained from connecting millions of like-minded people, virtually and physically across 1,347 interconnected team-based social media and ecommerce communities. Fanbase intends to put the ultimate social/business connection application in the hands of 95+ million ready-made users and create environments that fulfill their digital and physical needs anytime, anywhere.

A Market of Epic Scale

The Fanbase mobile app targets 1.6 billion ready-made fans for its master all-inclusive platform, one that opens-up an immense new frontier of digital/real world social and business connectivity. The Fanbase app creates a revolutionary virtual/physical world experience that will instill millions of like-minded social and business users with loyalty and passion for the Fanbase brand like no other. 

Leveraging the Bond of Sports

The 10 sports divisions driving initial demand are simply a springboard to rollout the Fanbase app across the world's top sports; lead by FIFA soccer and its 6,600 teams and 4 billion soccer fans. 

The goal for the Fanbase master app is to launch and monetize 10,000 team-based social media/ecommerce communities, which leverage the bond of sports to potentially create the world's most powerful social and business connection and commerce platform.

Fanbase App Online Demo

A comprehensive demonstration of the Fanbase app is available online. The online demo highlights many of the Fanbase app's unique and revolutionary features; features that collectively set the Fanbase app apart from any other in social media or ecommerce.


Please click the link below for an online demonstration of the Fanbase mobile app.

Fancoin Digital Currency

Fancoins are envisioned to be the primary unit of account for an intial base of 95 million Fanbase users around the world; an intial user base that could grow by an order of magnitude. 

The Fanbase software application will seamlessly integrate Fancoin tokens throughout its initial array of 1,347 social media and ecommerce communities and larger ecosystem of social and business entities accepting Fancoins. 

Fancoin tokens will be utilized in dozens of ways in the Fanbase mobile app; one time payments, regular ecommerce purchases of goods and services, recurring payments for upgraded user access and features, user fees for enhanced and special services, etc.

Fanbase Inc. does not facilitate or engage in primary or secondary market Fancoin sales, offerings or transactions including initial coin offerings (ICOs) or any type of resale of Fancoin tokens. Fanbase app users can purchase Fancoin tokens from various third-party digital currency brokers, dealers and exchanges that make secondary markets in Fancoins. 

Please click the link below to contact an ever growing list of independent brokers, dealers and exchanges providing Fancoin secondary market  buy/sell transaction and market making services.

Fanbase Information

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